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At your wedding reception giving gifts to your parents simply shows your love, gratitude and appreciation for their emotional and financial support to make your wonderful wedding a big success. You can give wedding gift a day before your wedding like at wedding shower or rehearsal. Take the prospect to personally thank them along with the parents of your spouse for all the effort and love they showered and proved to be best parents. Are you confused what to buy for your moms and dads? Then here are some amazing wedding gift ideas which will help you.

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If you want parents to get used to new dynamic in family, then if the gifts are sentimental better. Think about framed family tree, also including the new family member. In fact you can also add some family background or family history. You can be creative by adding some decorative accessories to portrait and to frame itself.

Moreover photo albums can also be a great emotional gift for your parents. Buy nice looking album from a mall.  You can compose a multiple copy of the photographs which you have saved before or the copies of photo shoot during your wedding.

Jewelry can also be gifted because it lasts for lifetime. You would like to gift some nice jewelry to your parents as they can wear this on your wedding reception. There are few amazing options for the jewelry gifts such as making them modified by putting a engagement picture or childhood picture in the locket.


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